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Rich and Wide-Ranging Solutions
for Electronics System Development

ZUKEN ELMIC fully supports your system development by both hardware and software sides, providing total solutions ranging among LSI development, RTOS, middlewares and upper-layer application design.

Middleware Libraries

Wealth of libraries of proven protocol stacks, AV and OS. Customizing and design integration with upper application are also available.

  • TCP/IP (IPv4/v6) "KASAGO"
  • IPsec
  • SIP
  • RTP "Ze-PRO RTP"
  • UPnP "Ze-PRO eConnect"

Embedded Software Design Consulting Services

Design consulting service of embedded software including firmware, middleware, device driver and upper application software. System integration service with hard ware is also available.

Hardware Design Consulting Services

ZUKEN ELMICfs consulting services is qualified to meet various needs through the full process.

  • C-based design service
  • Logic design service
  • Middle design service

Design Platforms

HAK (Hardware Adaptation Kit) for system design

  • Network camera development board "Z-SYS for network camera"
  • IPsec encryption adapter "IP-Cipher"
  • Intelligent communication board "PCI-COM/FPGA"

Design Tools

ESL (Electronic System Level)@design tools

  • Behavior synthesis tool "FP-Fixer"
  • Floating-point to fixed-point conversion tool "CyberWorkBench"

SEMI standard communication software packages

  • Communication software "SoftComGEM300"
  • Communication simulator "Cicadus"