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New Communication Age! That needs solutions

In the information communication and electronics industry to which our company belongs, we are about to enter the era of IoT (Internet of Things) where things and objects communicate with each other.

With this technological innovation, it is assumed that you will be able to know the state of a remote object in real time, and you will be able to operate remote objects in real time. In other words, the Internet itself is expected not to be used as a simple communication means but to shift to an information transmission path for communication of everything.

If you analyze the essential elements of this IoT from a technical point of view, it is no other than building a new interconnected products and network. For this reason, “embedded technology” including IP protocol will play a more important role than I am now for technological development of IoT.

Since our establishment, we have contributed greatly to the development of network society by providing embedded systems, especially middleware products and development work related to communication technology.

From now on, when everything connects to the network and a society that functions in conjunction with it develops, the necessity of our “connecting / negating” communication technology will further increase.

Our company celebrates 40 years anniversary of company establishment in 2017. In order to be a “leading company of embedded core technology” from now on, we will further promote strengthening of elemental technologies of communication middleware, “to connect” and “to communicate”, which are strengths, for the enhancement of our management foundation and financial base I would like to continue making efforts.