2022 (April 4)Listed on the Standard market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
FA Finder launched new option to itegrate AI video analytics
ONVIF IPcam and ONVIF IPmon lauched new option to support Profile M
2020 Launched streaming-engineering service
Ze-PRO SRTP, protocol stack library for SRTP released
2019 Sales release: Ze-PRO CC-Link IE TSN(Remote) and Ze-PRO CC-Link IE TSN(Master) as software development kits
Released FA Finder, platform to integrate video, IoT data abd industrial devices desiged for smart factories
2018 ONVIF IPcam and ONVIF IPmon lauched new option to support Profile T and S
Signed a distribution agreement of VPN Software with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
2017 Sales release: Viewer Design Kit for multi platform
Sales release: SDK for functional safety network
2016 Sales release: Choko-Tei finder, starter kit for IoT realization at FA production line
Developed IoT product to link with network camera and FA system
Reduction the capital to 500 million yen
2014 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Developed automotive Ethernet middleware jointly with Renesas Electronics Corporation
2013 Developed ECHONET Lite communication standard compatible middleware that easily realizes home network
2012 Middleware product “Ze-PRO IPrec” won the Daly industory Newspaper Selection Ten Greatest Products Award
Partnership with Ryoho Electro Co., Ltd. on the sale of middleware products
2009 Merge Zuken SoC division
Sales release: IP-Cipher
Development of protocol products that realize ONVIF communication standardization of network cameras
2008 Business and financial alliance with Zuken
2007 Sales release: Option software LLMNR for KASAGO TCP/IP
2006 Alliance agreement with Toden-Uquest. Elmic sells Toden’s USB host driver
Sales release: Option software ‘IPsec’ for KASAGO TCP/IP
2005 Got “IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2” for KASAGO IPv6
Increased the capital to 1,202.03 million yen
Established jointly as Elmic Wescom Inc.
2004 Released SoftComGEM300
Released Cicadus
2003 Released KASAGO Mobile IPv6
Got “IPv6 Ready Logo” for KASAGO IPv6 as the first embedded IPv6 protocol stack in Japan
2002 Released KASAGO IPv6
2000 Released the ELX-ITRON
IPO on the Mothers Stock Exchange on 25 July.
Released the SoftCom series
1999 Developed Kasago Web Browser and Kasago Web Browser for WindowsR CE
Licensed as a distributor of Microsoft WindowsR CE
1998 Released Web Server and Mailer, Kasago TCP/IP applications
1997 Increased the capital to 327.54 million yen
1996 Got Microsoft “get ISDN” first in the world
Increased the capital to 204.99 million yen
1995 Released GEM, a communications software package for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
1993 Released mp-ins, an ISDN board for LAN-WAN connection via ISDN. Implemented the PPP-over-ISDN feature first in the world
Increased the capital to 147.69 million yen
1991 Released the PC-INS series of ISDN boards
1990 Increased the capital to 136 million yen
1989 Released a multifunctional telephone set for emergency report
Released ELX-286, a real-time/multitask monitor for i80286
Increased the capital to 62.5 million yen
1988 Released the extended versions of PC-COM/V50 and the ELX board series
1985 Produced and released EL-PAD/PC, a control system for DDX packet network terminals
1984 Established the Osaka Office
1983 Released ELX-86M, a real-time/multitask monitor for i8086
1977 Established in Yokohama, as a total system house for the purpose of developing hardware and software related to microcomputers