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Ze-PRO RTP is a RTP protocol stack library product which has been widely used in many kinds of devices for such as public network, SIP and especially for surveillance IP camera.

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  • Support RFC1889/RFC1890/RFC2326/RFC7798
  • Support HEVC(H.265)
  • Support all major CODEC
  • Support RFC2326based RTSP server and client
  • Provide adjustments to synchronize video and audio
  • Provide intaerface to implement layers
  • Advanced receive buffers management features
  • Track record ? public network, SIP, IP and IP based camera
  • Support IPv6
  • Support RTP over RTSP、RTP and RTSP over HTTP
  • ONVIF friendly
  • Digest authentication
  • Selectable surce/binary code options

Software Mocules



Required environment for Ze-PRO RTP

  • multi-task kernel
  • TCP/IP protocol stackconfirmed environment (easy to port to others)
multi-task kernel TCP/IP protocol stack
Windows XP/Vista/7 Winsock32 I/F
Linux(FedoraCore4 others) Berkley Socket I/F
ITRON KASAGO IPv4 and others


Since being released in 2009, more than 200 licenses are supplied for about 50 organizations. Ze-PRO RTP is catching up with the latest spec of RTP standard.

  • Surveillance camera (network camera)
  • contents delivery system
  • network consumer electronics
  • video broadcasting
  • network audio
  • internet radio
  • IP phone
  • telemedicine
  • Public network base station
  • high definition video streaming

and others

Technical Support

Technical support service and design consulting service is available.

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